Do We Really Need SEO Marketing?


Do you own a website?
Are you running an online business?
Are you one of those people who have been wondering why you have not been getting the traffic that you feel your sites deserve, recently?

According to the popular tech-wiz site, Google’s algorithms have gotten a lot more complex lately, especially after its recent Penguin update. The complex algorithm means that now tougher rules are in place regarding how the search engines process the many queries they get. So, the old players in the online marketing game will now have to adapt and learn the new rules of the internet.

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Traditional SEO tactics are no longer able to garner the successes they once boasted of. Search Engines like Google and Bing have tightened their respective leashes and have once again put the emphasis back to where it should have belonged. Of late, many online marketing agencies were confining their activities to merely generating mind-boggling keywords and placing unnecessary backlinks in every nook and cranny of the Internet. Yeah, even you would have done or at least seen a few of them while reading, perhaps a blog entry or two. Well, those times are now over.

Search engines are now demanding websites and blogs up their game-play. They don’t want useless keywords and confusing backlinks as a way to let undeserving websites and blogs to cut the line and get in on the ranking scene. No. They now want content. And, even there, they expect quality content. Content that is reliable, informative and relevant. So, it really does feel like going back to school and learning the basics, right?

Most website owners do not know the core concepts that pertain to running a successful online marketing campaign. They have probably bought the site and either they designed the site by themselves or hired a web designer to do so. Once this was done, they probably filled up the site, just like a shopkeeper fills up his store. But, as any store owner will tell you, if you do not keep updating the stuff in your store, if you do not offer the clients what they came looking for and if you turn a blind eye to all the changes that are constantly occurring all around you, then, you will be looking at a huge loss of investment. Clients will not return to a place that once disappointed them. Same way web-surfers who have found only worthless junk info in your site cannot be expected to return again.

The result will be a literal ghost town. Reduced or non-existent web-traffic is the Armageddon scenario for a website.

The best way to counteract this is by hiring the services of quality-based online marketers. These professionals are experts in the various techniques that bring about an increase in the web-traffic. And they will make it appoint to do so organically so that they ultimate effects are much more long-lasting.

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